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Friday, August 3, 2012


Hey! am back, again. *sigh.

Seriously I need to do some proper introduction next time.

It's getting bored saying the same thing over and over again.

*Let's leave that complicated thing behind.

So anyway, right now I'm feeling so relieved and complete now as my first ever chaptered fanfic is done.

Oh Yeah!

*High five to myself!

I admit that I'm not that in English, yet I try my best to pour out my feelings in the  story and maintaining the plot as interesting as I can.

And trust me, it was a very hard thing to do.

But i guess, during the time, I realized that if we had passion in the things that we want, the result can be so much more than we expected it will be.

I have such nice feeling knowing that I have fans all over the world reading my fanfic.

and their comments really made my day ^^

So again, I guess I'll be continue to writes more and fantasies more.

So until next time, this is the parasite.

Here is the link to my fanfic. Feel free to read~

#warning : It's a bl story. I did this just for fun because I can't stand seeing my bias with other girl so I paired him up with his so called boyfriend bestfriend.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

having a mental broke down due to advancing tech


am back *while singing big bang's tonight

So, about the title up there.

Here it goes

I'm having a mental break down because of this blogging things.

Why is that happening?

It's all because I cant find my follow button.

I didn't realize that until my friend said she want to follow me but danggg!

"Errr, how should I follow you? There is no follow button anywhere I search" My friend said,eye widen to find any trace of follow icon available on the screen.

"Its there, find it again" Me exclaimed lazily. I know it's there. Open up your eyes wide my friend.

"Open your blog and find it yourself" My friend speak up, too tired to continue.

"Geez, I know its there. ............. Okay, it was here month ago"
*face palming

so if there anyone who knew about how to fix a messy blog, please contact me and puhleasee save me from this advancing blog!

oh and before I forget, I bought a new slipper for myself.
its pretty. wee~

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hey guys~
I'm home again. ^^
So right now I can say that I'm quite free because I just finish my third semester at UNISEL.
Did I tell you I'm studying at UNISEL shah alam?
I didn't right?
So, let me introduce myself again.
let us go back few years back,
I finished my studies at Form 6 and then now I'm at UNISEL taking business.
How simple is that?
kekekeke ^^
So, anyway this post is all about my fanfic thingy that I start when I was in my second sem.
I am so in love with JONGKI that I start to write a story for them.
And I post the story here.

this fanfic is called because I don't know how to love. Its basically about a relationship with family, friends and JONGKI of course.

while this one is about vampire and supernatural thingy. and about relationship between The Keeper and The Guardian.

Feel free to read.

Friday, June 1, 2012

parasite is back !!

make way everyone~

the PARASITE is back !

so hey! what's up people?

i know it had been a while since my last post.

How long was it?

2 years maybe?


*hit my head

i left this blog to fill with spider's web and i did see some spiders crawling back to the header,

so just to avoid the spiders giving me superpowers,

( i dislike spiders )

i make myself a new header,

As you can see ( obviously indeed ) the theme now officially is more to FT ISLAND

wohooo~ *dance dirty dancing~

so for now i'm not going to write anything about the fandoms i had for this past few month.

i'm just going to sit back and relax. 

and yes i'll be post more on my life and what had happened after i've been missing in action.

so till laters, this is me being the parasite and i'm back for good now !

( i sound more like a dj nowadays )

Saturday, May 21, 2011

missing you ?

tengok atas nampak entry,hari ni ctew ttg diri
yang semalam mimpi
si skandal hati 

takde lah suke sgt gan skandal ni.
*mati kalau si mr bunny tau.
yang pelik ni.
tibetibe je mimpi ttg de.
mengapa ?
entah lah.
orang kata kalau kita mimpi seseorang tu tibetibe meaning that he/she misses you?
betul ke ?
so HE miss me ?
i am the one who tak contact de da.
why ?

tanak sakit kan hati mr bunny da.
orang kate kalau kapel dah lame jgn lah main kayu tiga atau lapan.
tapi kdg2 hati akan cepat berubah.
*perkara biasa
tapi cinta maseh pada mr bunny.
cuma skandal tu sukesuke je.
tak pernah terlintas nak bersama dgn si skandals tu.
opps ! lupa.
ade dua yer mr skandal.
*jahat rase nyer.
tapi skang da tak wat da.
da tobat da.
sayer sygg awak je mr bunny :)

p/s : pada mr scandals. i am truly not actually forgetting you.but day by day i am sure enough. i can easily to not remembering you anymore :) and happy with that XD

Friday, April 15, 2011

urusan seri paduka baginda (DUA)

abih la !
de dah panggil dah tu !
mati lah aku 3 bulan tanpa keselesaan

macam ni
petang tadi mau kua dengan mr bunny
nak jenguk mak mr.bunny kat hospital
eceh eceh, jenguk mak mentua la kate kan
tunjuk sopan. tunjuk baik.

*aku memang baik. aku memang sopan okayy :)
pada saat saat terakhir
mr buny call
"by, da siap belum ? cyg tggu kt pagar belakang uma by "
"baik cyg,by nak letak mekap sikit je ni "
*nak jumpa mak mentua kne la nmpak berseri seri sikit kan.
biar manis pandang lame lame tengok menantu.
dah siap mekap tibe tibe
abang ku bersuara
"surat sape ni mak ? ":
"surat nabilah tu "

dalam hati,
"ish,surat p lagi ni ?"
tengok tengok urusan paduka bagainda lagi
nombor dua pulak
buka dalam
PLKN da panggil da

tu la dulu tangguh
sebab form6 kan
ni dah panggil da
ape mau buat.
tamau tangguh tangguh dah.
pergi saje lah :)

p/s : kalau pg t mesti rindu byk9 kt mr bunny. rase mcm nak bawak mr.bunny sorok dalam beg je. <3

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

urusan seri paduka baginda

tengok atas ^ ^ ^

jangan main main
t kene sepak.
nak kene sepak ?
der, lari tajuk da.
okay okayy
pagi ni bangun awal

sempat tengok mr bunny press press motor untuk pergi kelas
(rumah sebelah sebelah memang la senang nak tengok tengok kan)
pastu mr bunny da sampai kat kelas dia. sebab kan de dah siap keje
kami bergayut lah dalam fon lame lame sampai panas telinga dua dua belah.

ptu, tiba-tiba. 
"bella, kuar bilik bapak kau nak jumpa", ibuku memanggil
dalam hati " ish,apehal pulak ni?"
"ni ade surat urusan seri paduka baginda,surat sulit lagi ni"
tengok tengok.
surat panggil temuduga LHDN
bikin hati dupdapdupdap je
ish. hebat lah tu.
selalu mohon kerja kerajaan tak pernah panggil panggil.
ni dah panggil. 
hebat hebat. 
yelah dulu guna SPM mane ade orang nak pandang
sikalang guna STPM pula :)
kena la pandang bulat bulat besar besar kan. huhu

ni surat nyer :)

harap harap dapat la jawatan tu
sebab mesti ramai orang temuduga jawatan same kan ?
insya allah buat yang terbaek mesti dapat :)

p/s : kenape y aku apply mps tak dapat dapat lagi ? kawan apply penolong pegawai belia dan sukan da dapat da surat panggil temuduga
ni nak jealous ni