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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hey guys~
I'm home again. ^^
So right now I can say that I'm quite free because I just finish my third semester at UNISEL.
Did I tell you I'm studying at UNISEL shah alam?
I didn't right?
So, let me introduce myself again.
let us go back few years back,
I finished my studies at Form 6 and then now I'm at UNISEL taking business.
How simple is that?
kekekeke ^^
So, anyway this post is all about my fanfic thingy that I start when I was in my second sem.
I am so in love with JONGKI that I start to write a story for them.
And I post the story here.

this fanfic is called because I don't know how to love. Its basically about a relationship with family, friends and JONGKI of course.

while this one is about vampire and supernatural thingy. and about relationship between The Keeper and The Guardian.

Feel free to read.

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