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Friday, June 1, 2012

parasite is back !!

make way everyone~

the PARASITE is back !

so hey! what's up people?

i know it had been a while since my last post.

How long was it?

2 years maybe?


*hit my head

i left this blog to fill with spider's web and i did see some spiders crawling back to the header,

so just to avoid the spiders giving me superpowers,

( i dislike spiders )

i make myself a new header,

As you can see ( obviously indeed ) the theme now officially is more to FT ISLAND

wohooo~ *dance dirty dancing~

so for now i'm not going to write anything about the fandoms i had for this past few month.

i'm just going to sit back and relax. 

and yes i'll be post more on my life and what had happened after i've been missing in action.

so till laters, this is me being the parasite and i'm back for good now !

( i sound more like a dj nowadays )

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  1. hi! follow me back. thank u muaahhhh!