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Sunday, July 22, 2012

having a mental broke down due to advancing tech


am back *while singing big bang's tonight

So, about the title up there.

Here it goes

I'm having a mental break down because of this blogging things.

Why is that happening?

It's all because I cant find my follow button.

I didn't realize that until my friend said she want to follow me but danggg!

"Errr, how should I follow you? There is no follow button anywhere I search" My friend said,eye widen to find any trace of follow icon available on the screen.

"Its there, find it again" Me exclaimed lazily. I know it's there. Open up your eyes wide my friend.

"Open your blog and find it yourself" My friend speak up, too tired to continue.

"Geez, I know its there. ............. Okay, it was here month ago"
*face palming

so if there anyone who knew about how to fix a messy blog, please contact me and puhleasee save me from this advancing blog!

oh and before I forget, I bought a new slipper for myself.
its pretty. wee~

1 comment:

  1. dear! finally, done follow u!!! waaahhh hahhahahah...