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Friday, August 3, 2012


Hey! am back, again. *sigh.

Seriously I need to do some proper introduction next time.

It's getting bored saying the same thing over and over again.

*Let's leave that complicated thing behind.

So anyway, right now I'm feeling so relieved and complete now as my first ever chaptered fanfic is done.

Oh Yeah!

*High five to myself!

I admit that I'm not that in English, yet I try my best to pour out my feelings in the  story and maintaining the plot as interesting as I can.

And trust me, it was a very hard thing to do.

But i guess, during the time, I realized that if we had passion in the things that we want, the result can be so much more than we expected it will be.

I have such nice feeling knowing that I have fans all over the world reading my fanfic.

and their comments really made my day ^^

So again, I guess I'll be continue to writes more and fantasies more.

So until next time, this is the parasite.

Here is the link to my fanfic. Feel free to read~

#warning : It's a bl story. I did this just for fun because I can't stand seeing my bias with other girl so I paired him up with his so called boyfriend bestfriend.

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